Garage Floors

Selvco is one of Southwest Florida’s leading experts in garage floor applications. We offer a wide range of choices using high quality materials, expert staff and over 20 years of experience. It does not matter whether you have new concrete, old concrete, bare concrete, painted concrete, or an extremely deteriorated concrete floor. We will make it look better and protect it from future damage.

  1. Customers are responsible for removal of garage items and covering appliances or cabinets.
  2. We prepare the floor surface by removing the prior surface or surfaces.
  3. We apply one coat of high performance epoxy and re-prepare the floor surface.
  4. We apply an additional coat of high performance epoxy along with a mixture of colored chips. Customer option of a second coat of epoxy at an additional charge.
  5. To finish it all off we apply a high gloss urethane sealer and put the garage back in order.
Of course, if you are interested in a new floor color ask us about a color only application.

Most Popular Floor & Chip Colors

Before & After

White With Black Chips

Brown, Black & White Chips

Gray, Black & White Chips

Blue & White Chips

Red with Black & White Chips