Aircraft Hanger Epoxy

The following is a sequence of events of converting a typical old airport hanger to a modern showcase: If you missed a slide, use the left/right arrows or click on one of the bullets to go to a particular slide.

  • Old Stained & Pitted Floor
  • Machine Grinding The Surface
  • Penetrating Epoxy Sealer Added
  • Cracks & Holes Filled
  • Epoxy First Coat Application
  • Epoxy Second Coat w/Colored Chips
  • Finished Aircraft Hanger Installation
  • Close-up of finished product
  • Before Photo
  • After Photo
Old Stained & Pitted Floor1 Machine Grinding The Surface2 Penetrating Epoxy Sealer Added3 Cracks & Holes Filled4 Epoxy First Coat Application5 Epoxy Second Coat w/Colored Chips6 Finished Aircraft Hanger Installation7 Close-up of finished product8 Before Photo9 After Photo10