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         Pool Decks, Entryways and Sidewalks

Selvco Surface Systems, Inc has a wide variety of applications for pool decks. As a leader in Southwest Florida in spraycrete application for large general contractors we are very accustom to dealing with new concrete pool decks as well as redoing old pool decks.

                  Spraycrete applications

Selvco Surface Systems, Inc can top your homes new or old concrete pool deck with a lace pattern application, a random design pattern, or a matching inside tile pattern. We clean the surface, fill small holes, apply the spraycrete and apply two coats of high quality concrete stain to the product.

We also offer as an alternative the deck refreshing of an older spraycrete application. In this application we will fill all holes and cracks, and apply a fresh new coat of concrete stain to your current deck topping. This application can many times create a “wow” factor if your current deck has lost that new look.


Selvco Surface Systems, Inc is an expert in applying spraycrete and stain to commercial and large residential units (condos) walkways, stairways, entrances, and large pool decks. Commercial applications always meet quality and timeliness requirements. A long list of large general contractors that we do work for is available upon request.

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